What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads is a reliable Pay Per Click traffic platform however it is traffic coming from email rather than from search engines. And you only pay when someone clicks over to your website.

This form of marketing is used by top marketers who are looking to get fast surges of traffic to their offer immediately. With solo ads, you don’t have to wait for traffic, you simply decide how much traffic you need and its delivered to your offer over an agreed time frame

This is the best and most targeted form of advertising because you are targeting a large group of people who are interested in the topic/niche of your offer. Which makes it a perfect match at a very scaleable volume of traffic rushing to your website immediately! However, solo ads traffic is cold traffic, this means the people seeing your offer have absolutely no idea who you are and that means you need to build relationships with them.

Most people won’t buy on the first exposure to your offer, this makes it necessary to have an email follow up system in place that does the show and tell for you while building trust with your leads. Check out the best email marketing software here as well as other tools you might find helpful as an entrepreneur

Critical mistakes that you need to stop doing right now

1.      Not communicating with the provider

It is essential to talk to the provider and ask him about various things such as the method that he used to build the list. After all, you will never want to convey your message to an angry audience that is targeted in a biased way.

You also need to ask the provider if he has provided an offer similar to you to anyone else before or not. Furthermore, a demographic of the list is important as well and you must ask the provider about the response of the list and find out if it matches your expectations or not.

Make sure that you ask all the questions that arise in your mind and clear all the doubts beforehand. This will ensure that you create an amazing and compelling copy that relates to the list for better results.

2.      Running ads which are not related to the niche

You need a list that is specific to your niche otherwise it would be considered no less than spam. This also contradicts the fact that the bigger list is better. Well, it’s not and the first thing that should get your priority is the responsiveness of the list.

However, sometimes running an ad outside the niche can prove to be beneficial but you must carry a test before doing this so that you don’t spill the milk and worsen the things. Also, you need a list of buyers and not just a list of emails.

3.      Not carrying a test for the elements

You must know that congruency is very important when you buy solo ads traffic and without that, you cannot expect to survive in the long run. So make sure that you are congruent with your list and pay attention to all the elements that constitute it.

Also, if the first ad ran by you proves to be a bomb then you must tell different elements such as the headline of the ad, which must be highly catch, an email copy, which should be highly compelling and should be capable of grabbing the attention of the people in the list so that they actually take it seriously and click on the link mentioned in it, the capturing page, which is the core element for building your own list or to get conversions or to achieve anything that is involved in your intended purpose of running the solo ads.

What Tracking Statistics Are Important

In order to successfully track solo ad clicks you need access to particular types of statistics. Not all methods of tracking clicks can give you the stats you really need.

Here is the data you need to collect and analyze when buying solo ad traffic. Without this data, you really have no way of determining if you received quality traffic, poor traffic or outright fraudulent traffic.

Click Data and Time – Collecting the click date and time lets you determine if the clicks are coming in set intervals. For example, you are getting clicks every 32 seconds and every 15 seconds. If a set pattern is seen, you can then look at the traffic closer to see if it’s possibly bot traffic.

Surfer IP Address – If large numbers of clicks come in on the same IP address or partial IP address, it’s possibly coming from what is a click farm. This traffic is generated by bots with some real traffic tossed in to fool you. A partial IP would be something like 233.124.xx.xx.

Referring URL – Traffic from a solo ad should be coming in from an email or a click tracker. If you see referring URLs that are from websites, you may have a problem.

Surfer Country Code – Collecting the surfer country code lets you see what countries the traffic is coming from. If you see large amounts coming in from non-English speaking countries, you may be receiving poor quality traffic.

Surfer Language Code – If you receive large amounts of traffic from a non-English language code, the traffic could be poor quality.

User Agent String – This is used to see if large amounts of traffic come in from identical user agent strings. If it does, it could be bot generated traffic.

Device Type, OS Type, Browser Type – Collecting this data on each click can help you to spot possible bot traffic. If all the traffic is coming in from the same device type, OS type and browser type, it’s most likely fraudulent traffic.

IP Host Name – Basically you have two types of IP hosts. Internet access providers and website hosts. If you spot traffic coming from website hosts, it’s most likely bots or what is called paid to click traffic. Both are bad traffic.

Which lists really will work for you?

Consider these questions and how they might help you narrow down which lists really will work for you, and which lists might not be very profitable.

What did they buy? 

If they’ve been proven to buy makeup and you’re selling skiing equipment, there’s not much of a strong connection there.

However if they’ve been proven to buy books about fishing and you’re selling handmade lures, well… that list has more potential for you.

When did they buy it? 

This is vital to consider since a list that hasn’t bought anything in 3 years may not be very useful to you.

Did they buy any up-sells? 

If so, the potential for your profit margin increases. If they bought up-sells, this is a useful piece of information to you, and you might consider making sure your offer to them has an up-sell available also.

What was the refund rate? 

If the refund rate was way above average every time this list bought something, that’s a red flag. On the other hand, a low refund rate can be a good leading indicator for your own offer to the same list.

Knowing the answers to those questions will help you figure out if a list of “proven buyers” will be a good fit for your advertising.

While it’s clear that not all lists create great results, it’s very easy to figure out which lists you really want to invest your time and money in, once you ask a few important questions.


So make sure that you avoid all these mistakes and drive through the way to create an amazing list or run the best possible ad campaign. The natural outcome of solo ad is rested upon testing. It means that the more you run test, more would be benefited to you. This will surely give you potential benefits. Along with that, you can definitely ask your solo seller so that they can make you understand about its process and advanced terminology. You can ask them about the process of getting conversion rates and open rates that would benefit you with an uncommon output. Make sure that you regularly evaluate the trends in order to derive impact out of it.

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