Solo ads are an inexpensive way to get your message in front of a targeted audience that may result in new subscribers or customers for you.

Solo Ads is one of the best, if not THE best, and fastest methods to build your email list and grow your business.

Solo ads traffic is coming from email lists, which means they’re hyper-targeted and interested in your offer.

In most times, solo ads traffic is higher targeted and converted than PPC traffic and organic traffic.

Today solo ads have become the effective way of welcoming the traffic to the web pages in greater amounts. The good thing about using the paid traffic is creating the list and that guarantees you to see that outcome coming towards you.

BestTargetedLeads offers flexible plans that give you instant access to their massive list of potential clients with specific criteria based on your needs. With udimi, you can buy solo ads targeted to the countries and interests that matter most to you.

What are solo ads?

Solo Ads is an email traffic and for online entrepreneurs, one of the best ways of advertisement there is. It is very simple and handy. Just imagine, you can get traffic of people who are interested in your niche and is ready to buy, and all this just in a matter of a few mouse clicks. All you gotta do is to set up a sales funnel, consisting of couple very simple web-pages. Those pages will be receiving visitors in no time.

Simple Definition for Solo Ads:

SOLO Ad is a marketing piece used in email marketing in order to get traffic, leads, and… eventually, make sales. SOLO Ads are email ads; this is, a selling email through which you’re promoting your offer.”

When buying a solo ad, targeting is everything. If you have a multi-level marketing business opportunity to promote, make sure it’s a good fit with the traffic provider’s list. You definitely don’t want to promote a weight loss niche/category product to people interested in Internet Marketing. Can it work? Sure, it can but the odds are not in your favor. (We at BestTargetedLeads provide the best clicks for your niche)

Are Solo Ads really effective?

Solo advertising can be very profitable if done right. Cost per click/CPC can be quite inexpensive compared to pay-per-click/PPC sources such as FB Ads and Google Ads.

With solo ads, it’s always a better idea to drive traffic to a landing page and collect visitors’ emails.

There are many reasons for it. Breaking even on your ad spend should be your first priority. If you have a sales funnel in place, your strategy should be to break even as soon as possible. If you collect emails, you’ll have a way to contact the subscriber again (till they unsubscribe), and you can send them email followup emails for as long as you want (via an autoresponder).

Whether you have a blog, a product or service website, or another type of online venue or marketing platform you’re trying to promote, the one thing that defines success for you is traffic. If people don’t know what you and your business have to offer, then how will they become interested and perhaps even give you money? When most people start down the path of internet marketing, they hit up the usual suspects to attract traffic—social media websites, personal landing pages, email blasts and other bulk advertising, etc.

Sadly, this approach is more akin to throwing a torn fishing net into the sea and praying for a decent haul, rather than the smart marketing solutions required to build a profitable customer base quickly. And if you try to grow your subscriber list the old-fashioned way — making your website and sitting tight or asking customers to refer your business by word of mouth — a decade might pass before your potential client base would grow enough to allow you to earn decent profits. Why wait? Why not capitalize on the hard work and experience of others, gaining access to their potential lead base, and advertise your product or website to targeted niches and get an immediate return on your investment?

If you’re just starting out, we’d recommend starting small with a smaller campaign (100–200 clicks). Gradually scale up once you have a proven strategy in place. It’s only advisable to buy larger traffic packages once you have a proven sales funnel and an offer in place.

With the smaller ad campaigns, you can try out different strategies, find the one that works best for you, and make gradual improvements in your funnels (and marketing strategies). Also, be sure to track all your ongoing campaigns with a link tracker. (We provide stats for clicks)

What Is Solo Ad In Affiliate Marketing?

A Solo Ad in Affiliate Marketing is a way where you send out your email having your Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Website or Affiliate Product Sales Page’s Link to other people email’s list related to your niche or product.

In other words, it is simply like an email that you send out to your friend. But here you pay a fixed amount of money to solo ad provider just to send out your email to his email list.  Got it!

Sometimes solo ad providers use their own email copy and you simply have to give them your landing page, squeeze page, website or affiliate product sales page’s link. See below an example how a solo ad looks like.

100% Targeted Visitors to your campaign

Today the solo ads are marketed as the highly active mailing list and you are also having a high probability of getting real subscribers and followers to your operation. Also, you will be having a high chance of getting the visibility as subscribers or followers ate the one that will be fairly interested in your product and services. Also when you buy solo ads traffic you will be getting 100% assured traffic to the aimed traffic. Lastly, it is up to you whether you entice them to opt for the own mailing list or products.

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